Tidying up always results in...

a new project!  My mission last weekend was to reduce the two boxes and three bags of wadding scraps and left overs.  I sewed small wadding scraps together and cut out the parts for lots of Chook pot holders, ready for crazy piecing.  I cut larger pieces (e.g. the left over edges from large quilts professionally quilted) down into 11" and 9" squares ready for some more QAYG blocks.  These two projects are the sort that I pick up and start when I want to sew, but don't want to think too much...e.g. I am tired!  Also good for those 35+C degree days in late summer.
Having reduced the wadding stash by two bags only (!) I moved on to the novelty fabrics.  I was glad that I had previously cut up half of my novelty stash into set sizes.  And because I didn't need to sort or cut, I could decide on a whim to just start stitching!  I sewed the 5.5" squares of animal fabric into rows and before I knew it I had enough for a child's quilt. 
So then I had to find a border and luckily attached to the wadding leftovers of a big quilt was some blue fabric that worked well.  I like being able to use another couple of blocks in the corners when the border fabric is a bit short!
I then moved on to pre-cut 5" transport fabric squares, so made lots of four patches.  The leftovers from the Maisy quilt, are bright and worked perfectly as sashing.  Just needed cornerstones to match, so I dug around and found the scraps from my Bug in a Bottle quilt!  Hmm bugs and things that go!?
And this border is the leftovers from the backing of my Blue Twister quilt! Which I also used to cut binding for the leftover small twister blocks, which I turned into a table centre mat and a mug rug!
 So I quickly quilted these up and once the walking foot is on I couldn't stop!
I decided to finally bite the bullet and just quilt the reproduction hexagon table runner, even though I am not sure how to tackle the edges.  I suspect they might just get cut straight, but I have a bit of tidying up to do from my free motion quilting (e.g. unpicking) before I worry about that!
There was one appropriate backing in my stash for the kids quilt, but I am pretty much out of backings, so off to the Quilt show today to see if I can nab a bargain back for the other top. 
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. oh gosh you did sort a lot of things out... well done you.. and lovely makes out of it all...

  2. Wow, wow and wow. You were in THE zone weren't you. But how satisfying does it feel to use up those pesky leftovers. We really can't stand waste can we. I cut my novelties into 4.5 inch squares. I have sewn them into 16 patch blocks. I hope you have a fab time at the quilt show.

  3. You love your scrap projects don't you? I was fussy cutting some fabric this morning and ended up with quite a pile of leftover 'unfussy' bits. I have to admit I binned them! I'm sure if you were here you would have grabbed them. Love the Twister leftovers, they are gorgeous.

  4. Such a great use of all of your scraps, its good to destash some times.

  5. What a lot of things you got from your "scraps". You had a really productive time there.

  6. Lots of lovely scrappy goodness to see here . You are really moving on at a cracking pace . I love making stuff out of leftovers.


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