Mini basket quilt

 Before we went to Fiji I got decided to reward myself with a new project ; )
I had been debating about these mini basket blocks for quite some time (free pattern).  Once again I didn't read the pattern completely through, so it was only after I made the first one that I realised they were 2" finished!!!  Yeah I know, then I made another 8!
I was going great guns until #8, then had to do some unpicking, #9 was more unpicking the stitching.  Hence these will become a mini wall hanging, not the lap size quilt the pattern was for! Check out the Temecula Quilt Co blog....they have loads of great free patterns and eye candy from their latest quilt show - blue and white quilts, just to die for!
While we were in Fiji I stitched 95% of this stitchery, which was an undisclosed UFO  (sorry I didn't iron it).  Now I have fessed up it might have to stay a UFO as I cannot decide on a border colour...which do you prefer red, green or gold?
 I brought these two cute Christmas decorations at a market on Thursday....not sure why I have started to think about gets earlier and earlier every year!
And this cute fabric was purchased last weekend at that giant retailer that frustrates me with their appalling customer service.  DS2 has requested a pirate quilt (after seeing the fabric).  I brought fabric for a new quilt for DS1 months ago and it hasn't seen the light of day (nor have I decided on a pattern!) yet.  I think I need to make some quilts for my boys next the meantime I am trying to clean up the sewing room, which is resulting in new projects!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. I like the red border, for what it is worth. Cute pirate fabric.

  2. Adorable wee baskets Sue. I would have gone for the wall hanging too though! I dont even want to think about how many of these it would take to make a decent lap sized quilt.

    Im voting red for the stitchery border...

    I bought Christmas decorations while we were away (and that has been the total extent of my thoughts about Christmas thus far !)

    Fabulous Pirate fabric ...

  3. how cute are those little blocks.... I think I might have got as far as a mug rug so you did well! adorable though....
    love that christmas stitchery... I would go red if it was me.... or green...

  4. 2 inch blocks! Are you mad? Obviously not. They look great. I wouldn't have the patience to make one. The redwork is a cute pattern. I would use a green or red. What do your eyes like? Those pirate fabrics are wonderful. They will make a great pirate quilt. I want to make Gabe a more grown up quilt soon.


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