Some work in progress shots

Wow Explorer wants to play nice and do a post, yipee!  I was using Goggle Chrome, but then it was playing up while I was trying to read blogs...would get stuck and you couldnt scroll, so could only read the first few lines of peoples post...or just their header if was a big one, all very frustrating.  So after considerable thinking I decided to read in Explorer and post using Explorer is messing with my mind and being super nice so I am going to use it for both..... fingers crossed!
Before our visitors arrived last weekend I scrounged through the left over strips and managed to find enough to piece the extra 12 blocks I needed to make this top longer.  The piecing resulted in another 6 spool blocks, but they are from the same fabric as the others, so no picture.   I am happy with the size of this quilt now and think it justifies a shopping trip to purchase fabric for a border.  Everything else came out of my stash, so I dont have much left in the purple and green department, in fact so little they fit in a standard draw along with my neutrals!
I had a lovely few hours in the garden last weekend, working to uncover the clivias hidden under a jungle of jasmine.  I also discovered this abondoned blackbirds nest complete with eggs and a tree that we didnt know was growing!  Its a decidious tree and just starting to bud, so now we have to wait and see if we can work out what sort of tree it is - when the leaves appear.  
After my parents arrived my mother expressed a wish for a trip to Hetties Patch....I needed little encouraging, as I have not been for a long time.  My expressed purpose was to find binding for my little Ohio star quilt, which was found and purchased - sorry no pictures as it has been cut and stitched on the quilt...just waiting to hand sew down.  These neutrals with white backgrounds and bright colours were also purchased, perfect for the background of my newly started basket quilt.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. i've had trouble with explorer and chrome too...its a pain but at least i don't post every day, i'd be tearing my hair out!!
    love the quilt Sue!!

  2. I do love that quilt.... and such pretty fabrics you have there..

  3. I adore the neutrals you got. They will be great in your baskets quilt.
    Our garden is going gangbusters at the moment courtesy of the warmer weather and some liquid fertiliser. Strawberies and forming very nicely. Yummm.


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