Keep calm and carry on quilting!

The need to make small achievable items could stem from the large single bed quilt tops I have finished of late.....or perhaps because I have been dreaming of an interesting collection of cushions for so long that I had five new cushion forms in my sewing cupboard.
I saw this Union Jack Cushion over at Sweet P's blog (you need to scroll down - pic at the end) who was at a quilt was made with squares and half square triangles...I had drawn up my own pattern previously for foundation piecing, so just let myself be swept away on a whim Friday and got it finished Saturday.  If you look closely you can see that the white fabric has a scissor print on it and the red has a button print.  I brought the scissor print Thursday when I couldn't find fabric with writing on it, like  Lisa is using in her spool blocks.  This is my version of "Keep Calm and Carry on"... Quilting!

This stitchery has been a UFO for some years...I don't confess to UFOs that are not quilts!  It would have be finished earlier if I had planned better and made it the right size to actually fit one of the cushions forms l already had!!!  I ended up using an old cushion insert that was a bit flat, so it makes for a very plump cushion!  This is now pride of place on the spare bed in my sewing room ....the couch is nearly full of cushions!
This is the pattern book the stitchery came from - Country friends is a combined effort by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly and Wendy Brigg.
****While I am acknowledging authors/pattern designers, the pattern for the animal heat bags that I posted about HERE is called Hot Buddies by Millamac - one of my favourite Aussie designers.

In order to keep making leaders n ender spool blocks I decided to piece together the Schnibbles quilt McGuffey, started HERE in June with some of my After Dark Friends.   Of course it came together in no time at all and I was left wondering why that took me so long to get around to!   So I think I will add a pieced border, what do you think?   It needs a solid narrow border first, just not sure what colour, any suggestions?

 I cannot find my book...but I think the pattern has a piano key border and I have lots of fabric left over, so might try one.  Its currently 48" square, so not too bad a lap quilt size.

And the bonus, more spool blocks.  I ran out of background fabric pieces so dug out my collection of already cut scrap 1.5" strips and snaffled the few pales and cut them into 3.5" lengths.  I was then so tempted by the gorgeous rainbow of colours on offer in this bag that I cut a few strips and 1.5" squares out of pretty new prints for more spools.
I am really loving making these cute little blocks.  Total = 21 blocks made!  Hope your having a great weekend, happy quilting Sue SA.
PS solved ALL my posting issues by using Goggle Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, yippee!


  1. Your spool blocks are looking fantastic! I've made a few more but need to get a bit more organised, I've got bits cut out but not matched up all over the sewing table.

    Love the Schnibbles quilt, piano keys would look wonderful. It's very 'girly' with the purple, not like you at all! Love the Union Jack, have you seen the quiltalong at Lily's Quilts blog? I'm very tempted to join in. And glad you have sorted your blogger issues, I wondered why others were having issues and I wasn't - I always use Chrome :)

  2. oih my.... so much going on there... I love the blocks and the spools.... and the cushion looks great... great use of a lonely UFO block...

  3. Love, love, love your union jack pillow. I have that block on mu never-ending 'to-do' list. The scissors print looks great.
    I loved Wendy Brigg's patterns. I wonder what she is doing now? Your cushion looks great. Another UFO done and dusted. Yeah!
    Your spool blocks are coming along very nicely. I love the red blocks. the differnt backgrounds will look wonderful.
    Your McGuffy is looking good. A piano key border would be lovely and use up some of thise scraps.

  4. Hello,

    just wondering whether you knew where I could get hold of the 'All Aussie creatures great and small' wall hanging on your page. I know it is a Millamac pattern but they appear to have gone out of business. I am not a quilter, I am a knitter and want to adapt the pattern to knit a quilt.

    Regards, Dianne


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