Offline achievements

I successfully made four humbug bags and stuffed the fifth one up, but that's OK as they are pencil cases for my Christmas boxes - so the last one looks more like a traditional pencil case!
The border fabric was purchased and attached to the Kwik Krazy Star quilt.  I am really pleased with it and its off to the long arm quilter today.  I pieced a backing as my bargain back wasn't big enough, but I found some cute fabrics to match - ironically I had to pick two that also were the end of the bolt, but the three prints work well together, just took me awhile to work out the best way to make everything fit.  It was also so large (single bed) that I had to peg it sideways on the clothes line to take the photo.   Please excuse my layout but having lots of problems with Blogger, not all the buttons in the composing page are visible and only 1/3 of the window where you compose - and pictures disappear if you try to move them, all very frustrating after being off line so long!  Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. You have some great fabrics for your pencil cases/humbug bags..... and I love the stars quilt... it is going to be so gorgeous all quilted up...

  2. The Stars quilt is darling Sue. I can see that on a little girls bed somewhere being the focus of the room.

    Hope Blogger decides to behave for you soon!

  3. I can sympathize with you about the blogging, mine did the same, so reverted back to the old interface and its ok for now. Why do they change things, when it works ok??
    Love the star quilt. Was great to have Elaine down here a couple of weeks ago. Glad you are on the mend.

  4. Your stars quilt is so cute. The border looks great. I find adding photos to my blog can sometimes be frustrating, they don't always seem to want to stay where I try to put them.

  5. You've made great progress. The humbug bags are so cute, and the star quilt is fabulous. I just love purple.

  6. Your hunbug bags look great! The border fabric looks perfect. It really finishes off the quilt nicely and is so pretty.


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