But its a nice day outside!

I always feel really guilty when I stay inside sewing and its a really nice day outside.  That's why I like winter, because rarely do I feel guilty of "wasting" a nice day! 
 I have finally stopped thinking about leaders and enders and actually prepared some a few weeks ago, after prompting from Lisa - who was prompted by Bonnie Hunters challenge to make 3" finished spool blocks using 1.5" strips.   I actually didn't read Lisa's email properly and later found out she is making her blocks larger, which makes more sense, but it was too late for me as I had already started cutting extra 1.5" strips.
 While I had some 1.5" strips already cut, I decided I needed to cut up some more fabric out of my stash that I didn't "love" anymore.  The only problem with this is that you can get heaps of blocks out of one strip (especially if its not a fat quarter but the whole width of fabric), so I have a very limited range of blocks made so far.  I think I might utilise my pre cut strips of scrap when I need to kit the next lot up.  So far I have made 10 blocks.  I did a quick calculation in the shower the other morning (well fogged up shower screens are good for those of us who cannot do multiplication in their heads!) and worked out I needed 144 blocks to make a lap size quilt, give or take.  But later realised that was not true, I would only get 4 rows of 12 blocks which was 36" wide, so to get 12 rows by 12 I need 432 blocks!  Hmmm this might be a long long long term project!
 So in order to get more leaders and enders through the machine I whipped up these two cushion's out of furnishing fabric a friend gave me a long time ago.  I love this fabric, for the leaf print and the colours.  
I also made this little four patch table topper to cover my notions draw, which I have moved, so it can now double as a bedside table in my sewing room/guest bedroom.  Green seems to be the theme here at present.  I also fished out an old stitchery and made it up into a cushion front, but need a zip to complete construction and a finished the red nine patch which will also become a cushion cover - once I can get the red backing fabric to stop bleeding - is it salt or vinegar you add to the water?  Another job for today to sort out.  While the sun is shining I am doing lots of washing - but my excuse for being inside is DS2 who isn't well and had us up half the night....perhaps we can both have a nap in the sun later....because it truly is a beautiful spring day outside.  Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. I've started mine too! I'll write a post about it soon. Love yours, they are so 'patchworky' - is that a word? The cushions are nice too, cute fabric.

  2. Love your leaders and enders! I am doing it too!

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  4. Isn't the 'leaders and enders' concept a great idea. i haven't organised myself or my fabric but have had a pattern ear-marked for it. Your blocks look lovely. Before you know it you will have all your blocks made. Your cushions look lovely on your lounge chair. The table topper looks so lovely on your bedside table/notions drawers. The lamp is perfectly co-ordinated.


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