Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day everyone!  Well the sky is blue, the sun is shining...rather then beating down and the boys are playing cricket in our backyard, we really do live in the lucky country. 

We got back from a trip to Victoria a few days ago, a good friend got married.  The bride looked beautiful, the groom deliriously happy,  the best man made a funny short speech, the food was excellent and we caught up with lots of friends.  The best thing of all was the love, it was definitely in the air and both families were so happy for the bride and groom....and partied like I haven't seen for a long time!  All I can say is thank God for sensible shoes (wearing orthodics now prevents me from wearing high heels) and Grandparents who are happy to babysit...a good time was had by all!

Now my extended absence from blog land has been explained, I have some show and tell for you.....

The finished flimsy - Liam's motorbike quilt.  I made this quilt large enough that it tucks in under the mattress...to keep the cold Victorian winter at bay.

This is the back, which used up all the motorbike fabric I had brought, not sure if that is a good thing or not?  I didn't manage to get the centre quite centred, but hopefully I can fix that before I send it to the long arm quilter. 
Then, as you can see from the dates on the photos, I used two charm packs (Rouenneries Deux by French General) and trying to be as random as possible, pieced a simple 1 patch quilt top. 
 I have not managed to get to a shop to buy border fabric yet. That's my first quilty job for next week, when DS1 is back at school, yikes where did those six weeks disappear to!
This quilt is lap sized, and wasn't on the wish list, but I guess you could call red and white at a stretch.  Unfortunately this is a quilt I needed to make, because a friend was diagnosed with cancer before Christmas.  There are no suitable words or card for that matter, when you hear such news, but hopefully a quilt  sends a message of love, hope and prayers for good news from your doctor and the best modern medicine can offer.
Finally this my first monthly project, just in time for Australia Day! 

Happy quilting, Sue!


  1. Lots of finishes there. Sorry to hear about your friend you quilt will be perfect.

  2. I'm sorry about your friend. I'm sure your quilt will cheer her up a bit.

    Happy Australia Day.

  3. The dirt bike quilt looks great. I tuck Gabe's quilts in so they have half a chance of staying on. Sorry to hear about your friend. One of the Mum's at school was diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas. i wasn't sure what I could do so I made pumpkin soup. It went down a treat.
    The wedding sounds just lovely and a wonderful time for you. I have orthotics too. I hate how it restricts my shoe choices. However my feet do feel so much better from wearing them.

  4. lovely quilts ... well done with the dirt bikes... and the squares look fantastic - a great gift for your friend .... I just love your Aussie blocks though... I have never seen them before.... sensational... good on ya...

  5. looks like you have had a successful satrt to the year Sue - hope to see you on Thursday - fingers crossed Kylie xx


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