Yikes! I think worry that my wish list is a bit long ... so I decided to count what I made last year;
  • 6 bags
  • 5 flannel baby blankets
  • 5 cot quilts
  • 4 needle books
  • 3 wall hangings
  • 3 lap sized quilts
  • 2 table runners
  • 2 single bed sized quilts
  • 1 queen sized bed quilt
  • and baby cubes, bunting, baskets, cushions, humbug bags, ironing board cover, mug rugs, pencil cases, pot holders, pincushions, softies, sewing machine cover and mat, thread catcher, wallet and wheat bags!
Phew! Now that my "achieved" list is as long as my  "to do" list I feel its a bit more realistic!  And I forgot to mention that my idea is to make many of this years projects small, e.g. cushions, table runners and wall hangings.  We don't really need any more bed sized quilts in our house, although DS1 did ask for a new quilt the other day....in a manner that assumed I could whip one up on the spot! 

And to be honest he probably got that idea from me, as I did make this nearly completed SB top in a day...it is a Motorbike (note dirt bikes only) quilt for a young man about to turn 8!  It isn't quite large enough to cover the bed and be tucked in, so I debating with myself ...do I;
a) find a nice blue fabric for the final LARGE border or
b) use the brown or black dirt bike print fabrics that I already have?  You can see them in the bottom of the picture.  The black print is big enough for the backing, which is what I brought it for. 
It is already a bit on the "busy" side already, but not sure if a plain border will suit?  What do you think?

Happy quilting, Sue SA


  1. What fabulous fabric..... I quite like the idea of the brown border - against the wood it brings out the nice brown in the panel.... to me the brown bikes fabric dont look as busy.... it will be fun to see what you end up doing... I know you will make it awesome....

  2. I reckon it depends on how much you want to make it a single bed size. I reckon if they are a dirt bike lover it won't matter to then how busy the quilt is. They will just LOVE it.


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