Happy New Years ... two weeks late!

photo taken from Quilt Station blog 
I have been considering what my New Years Resolutions for 2012 are for sometime now, but it has still taken me all this time to get them committed to paper AND have free time to blog about them. 

So my NYR is .... start lots of new projects!  And hopefully finish them in the same year!

2012 - Wish list (these are in not in order of priority)
1. Miniature quilt/wall hanging (proper to scale miniature)
2. Basket quilt (little pieced baskets with appliqued handles - like the one from A Brandie Creation )
3. House quilt (houses built from scrap OR a red and white school house block)
4. Lil Twister (in blue and cream)
5. Liam's motorbike quilt (single bed - using dirt bike panel I brought last year)
6. Red and white wall hanging for our bedroom 
7. Ohio star quilt (preferably red and white or blue and white)
8. Log cabin (from scraps)
9. Zig zag quilt (or Snake quilt)
10. Kids quilt (use theme fabric up...either pirates or cowboys)
11. Dolls quilt - churn dash from reproduction fabrics (Humble Quilts project)
12. Stack n wack star quilt (in flannel)

I want to make quilts for certain people and some items for the house,( eg cushions for the lounge and a wall hanging for our bedroom) so I am hoping to combine these "needs" with some of my wish list quilts,  eg the bedroom wall hanging will probably end up being a red and white Ohio star or school house block.  Some like the miniature I will hold off on until I can take a class so I can do it "properly" as past attempts have been disasters!  And then there are a few on line tutorials/patterns that I have inspired me to start these projects. 

Photo taken from Millies Quilting blog
Only one UFO project will be attempted....the Celtic quilt (now a UFO because I failed to meet my self imposed deadlines, twice) which WILL be finished this year!

But in keeping with my NYR I am itching to use all those patterns and projects in books, magazines and patterns already purchased that are crowding my sewing room, many of which are not on my wish list!  So stay tuned for some WIP show and tell!

I also have an overwhelming desire to make a small project once a month, with the month or season being the theme... do you follow me?  For example last year I made a Heart mug rug in February for St Valentines day...this year I would like to make an Australian themed table runner for Australia Day etc etc.  I love the concept, but we will see if I can keep it up each month!

Happy quilting, Sue SA.
P.S.Yikes after doing a goggle search for images of star and red/white quilts I think I need a longer list!!  I did take these pictures without permission (sorry) but hope its OK because I acknowledged the blog owner?!  Plus I have always loved this blue star quilt pattern...not sure what its called though?


  1. That is quite a list! I found making a smaller monthly list also helps keep the motivation flowing!

  2. Good luck with your list I am exhausted just reading it.

  3. Great list Sue. I am looking forward to seeing what you create and how the list evolves over the year. I just want to sew more for myself and charity. I love Pinterest. When you are on let me know so I can follow. Its a great 'eye candy' tool for all sorts of things.


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