Going potty for pot holders and mad for oven mitts!

I love the chook pot holders, but I am ready for something new and in particular larger (for the men in my life who like to cook) so I have been checking out what everyone else has been making in blog land. 
Butterfly potholder
Butterfly Potholder by Patchwork Pottery
Butterfly Potholder 2
Butterfly Potholder by Patchwork Pottery
Published in a book (Lark) called Pretty Little Potholders, these gorgeous Butterfly oven mitts are by Laurraine Yuyama and she also has the pattern for sale, see her blog Patchwork Pottery.
Scrappy Leaf Potholders
Leaf Potholders by Patchwork Pottery

The duel green Scrappy Leaf Potholders - I LOVE for their simplicity, crazy piecing and practicality. One for each hand, and you can have them stay together with a button when hanging up, but your hands are not "tied" when using them. I am not sure if Laurraine is going to do a pattern for these, or the Lemon, but I sure do hope so! The
Lemon Potholder
Lemon Potholder by Patchwork Pottery
The Lemon Potholder is also simple, but sweet. I have only shown the back so you get an idea of how your hands work in them.

Please note I have permission to use these images, which I took from Flicker, apologies the quality is not so good, that's why I kept the images small. Of course viewing is better on Laurraine's blog.

Jessica from Scrappy n Happy took part in a house potholder swap a few months ago. I like the easy of the conventional shape eg. no binding to worry about. And the cute chimney hanger, there are endless possibilities with this design, especially as the school house block is so easy to make, you could piece it instead of applique. Jessica tells me that pot holders are the go on Pin Interest...sorry that's another Internet world that I haven't mastered, our connection was so slow over the weekend I had to give up. But definitely worth exploring if you know your way around.

I found a cute black and white Owl potholder through Freebies for Crafters (who supply endless free tutes) from Sew We Quilt with a tutorial. I thought I had also seen a cupcake pot holder, where you put your hand under the icing, but couldn't find one, but the Internet was soooo slow, I am blaming the kids home on summer holidays!

Hope these images inspire you, happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. I adore the leaf pot holders. I have to make some too, my daughter keeps telling me we need some (I usually use tea towels and burn myself about once a week). I bought some vintage kitchen fabric at last year's Vicquilters Showcase, with potholders in mind but haven't cut into it yet. Thanks for this round up!

  2. I love the butterfly grabbers! And the lemon shape is very cute too!
    Thank you for admiring mine too.

  3. So lovely to see all that you have been up to lately. As I have been away I had a few posts to catch up on. The quilt made with the twister block looks fabulous! I just love it. I am sorry I missed your give-away as well. Oh well, maybe you will have another at 200 posts! Keep sewing I love seeing what you do. Not only on the blog, but also in person!

  4. Love the lemon one but the house ones are simply divine! Do you use the special 'stuff' for the innards?

  5. If space is short, you can hang them nested. Individual hanging is more practical but takes up more space. With a variety of chains and hooks you could hang them at different heights.


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