Moda love quilt finish

Bit more hand sewing achieved, resulting in another finish - a free layer cake pattern called Moda Love, which you can download HERE.
  In my case I had most of a layer cake that a friend gave me (after she had used part to make a cot quilt), plus hot pink yardage and then some supplementary fabrics from my stash in similar colours.  A quick easy quilt to make, that looks very effective when you can see the whole pattern.  
Because I have boys its unusual for me to have hot pink in the stash, but this was just perfect match for pretty prints in the layer cake.  And some yellow yardage I picked up on sale, helped fill out the missing bits of the layer cake for the top, as well as make up the backing.
Long arm quilted by Vicki Jenkins.
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. That's a very pretty pattern, and you did a great job getting it together. Your quilter did a great job too. ---"Love"

  2. It is a beauty! I love this pattern. I have seen several versions on if on blogs. Over a year ago I downloaded the pattern and cut out all the squares I needed, marking which colors went where. That is as far as it went. I really need to dig that out.

  3. A lovely finish and you make is sound so easy.

  4. Looks great Sue, hope things are ok in your world, and you are staying cool.


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