Charity Quilt finish - Dinosaur half square triangles

Dinosaur Half Square triangles was finished in December, I am late posting the news!
Over Christmas I got the binding hand stitched down on this bright fun quilt.  I am really pleased with this kids quilt, as it used only fabric from my stash, but is still fun and bright...especially that border print!  I made my boys much loved cushions from the fun dinosaur print quite a few years ago, so was nice to use it in a quilt for someone else.  
There are lots of spot prints in this quilt, so Vicki used a lovely circular quilting pattern. 
And this my friends is my birthday present...a very large rusty garden ornament.  Its yet to find its permanent place in the garden, as we are still waiting for our gazebo to be built....but once its up, the surrounding landscaping will include a spot for the sphere.
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. A great donation quilt! Simple designs that let the fabric shine are the way to go!
    That is a wonderful yard ornament.

  2. Your quilt will be loved by the child who receives it.

    Fantastic birthday present! I will look forward to seeing it in place when you get that project done.

  3. A fun quilt for a little person. Love your new lawn ornament. Super fun

  4. A lovely fun and happy quilt. Great birthday present.

  5. Love your garden art, very rustic.


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