2018 Finishes, flimsies and extras

Well it seems that in 2018 I finished a lot of kids quilts!  All six of which have been given to charity, along with one table runner (70th birthday present gifted) an, one big quilt (bottom right) which was gifted to friend in England.  Ahh, opps, that's a bit of an issue, as my local group have a quilt show which will need some entries in May.

All is not lost, as these are my flimsy finishes and WIP from 2018.  Now I wish I had sorted them a bit better here; top middle and right, along with centre photo are currently all at my long arm quilters.  The bottom left quilt (Moda Love) is just waiting for me to hand stitch down the binding.  And the brown log cabin is ready for quilting - when I find a backing.  So there are four very close finishes...but the string blocks (top left) and two bottom centre and right are still being worked on. And who knows if they will be done in time!  Not making promises about anything this year, just going to sew, take one day at a time and enjoy myself.
Here are my baking pictures from the last year, the bulk of which were made in the last three months....so it is not surprising that I have put on a kilo or two in the last few months!  Might resolve to do no baking in 2019 and a bit more exercise!  Top left is my birthday "cake" - a lamington cake with icecream centre - delish!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Wow! What a year! Beautiful quilts and great baking. What's up for 2019?

  2. So many lovely quilts done or in progress!

    Lamington and ice-cream cake sounds good to me.

  3. My goodness! You had a busy 2018! ---"Love"

  4. You've made some lovely quilts, and the baked goods look delicious!

  5. Enjoyed seeing the results of your quilting in 2018. Hope this year is just as productive.


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