Secret Christmas gifts - revealed

I have two good friends that I sew with, but this year we have tried to meet monthly and been sewing the same quilt from Simply Friendships book by Kim Diehl and Jo Morton.  The quilt has lots of hand sewing, which was chosen on purpose, for easy get togethers in each others homes. 

We also have a tradition of buying each other gifts at Christmas and birthdays.  So this year for their Christmas presents I made them a Hugs and Kisses bag for their hand sewing.  Then I added two scissor holders, but they are for large scissors - just grabbed my small scissors for the  photo shoot!

Then I popped in the rest of the fabric - because I knew she loved this print and I found some in a shop.  Plus a fabric marking pencil.
Same pencil, but in this case a Christmas ornament that I purchased in London - because she loves bees!  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. They look fantastic Sue, great gift ideas.

  2. Very fun and thoughtful gifts.
    I especially like your red, strip pieced scissor case.

  3. Friendship and quilting just goes hand and hand.

  4. Lovely gifts tailored for your special friends.

  5. What lovely and appropriate gifts!


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