Pre Christmas stitching and birthday gifts

The day before my birthday, friend and longarm quilter Vicki Jenkin returned two quilts to me.  Because I had made the binding when I prepared them for quilting I was able to machine the bindings on quickly, so I had some hand stitching to do in the evenings.
I was very spoilt by the family for my birthday, Quirky Little Quilts by Temcula Quilt Co and Pam Burda's Vintage Patchwork book and the layer cake she makes all the projects in the book with.  As part of the pre order of Pam Burda's book/layer cake there is a kit for a pin cushion and (because it was so late - not her fault the manufacturers) I got four fat quarters, bonus!  
On Christmas Eve I started sewing strings (actually they were strings I put through the Go cutter 1.5" die) to use up the collection of wadding  scraps I had cut into 11" squares.  Please don't ask my why they are 11" squares, because it is SO long ago that I cut them I no longer remember my rational!
I made quite a few blocks before I ran out of strings!  I didnt technically "run out" but got too low on bright colours and didnt want to make another dreary quilt - banned myself from using these colours unless it was novelty print.
Daylillies going nuts in my garden, providing a fantastic burst of orange.  And the cute red car bin that my friend Vicki made me as a gift....that I love!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. lovely to have the quilts to bind now.... love the strippy blocks... so pretty..

  2. That daylily is fantastic! I don't have any that are double like that. It is a beautiful colour.

    A car bin! Great idea - I need to make myself one of those. I always end up with bits and pieces floating around the floor of my car now that plastic bags are hard to come by.

  3. Oh, and belated Happy Birthday wishes!

  4. Your strip blocks are going to make a beautiful quilt! I love the bright colors too! ---"Love"

  5. A belated Happy Birthday. Somebody had your wish list. Lots of fun ahead this year.

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