Summer flowers in summer weather

It was 39 degrees C here on Christmas Day.  The Lemon Scented gum tree let go of another branch - as they are prone to do on hot dry days.  This is the third branch for the summer, but the other two fell after high winds.  DH cleaned it up - luckily it fell seconds before he was standing under it.  
 The chook shed is next door, so you walk under this tree to attend to the chooks.  Luckily the limb dropped on the apricot tree, which did not suffer any obvious damage.  
My hydrangeas are just starting to colour up and bloom.  The bush is so large and looks amazing outside in the shade house.  They were rather wilted by the end of Christmas day, but a good water revives them. 
 My potted lily was out just in time for Christmas Day, such beautiful timing.
I didn't take any chances and spent a few mornings potting up some instant colour in hanging baskets and pots.  Just so the garden looked nice for Christmas Day - and so I could claim to have done some gardening of late!
Really what happens is, I plant things then forget about them.  So when they bloom I am taken by surprise, because I either forgot I planted it in that spot, or that it was suppose to bloom at that time.  I definitely remember buying Allium bulbs...but that was last year!  They either didnt bloom last summer, or I just missed them because we were away visiting family.  
 This gorgeous Day Lily, is not one I planted, but one of the many bulbs the previous owners planted and I enjoy as regular surprises, as they pop up year to year, and I forget which beds they live in.
 I did plant this hollyhock.  It is enormous and I was so disappointed to get pale lemon flowers, as I was hoping for hot pink!  Still it keeps on growing and flowering, despite complete neglect and that is a strong criteria for being picked to come and live in my garden!
Which is why I purchased this flower at the Makers Market held in December.  It is my second rusty flower from the same artist and I was very disappointed to break off one of the petals - totally my own fault as I jammed it in the boot and getting it out was a struggle.  Still it is filling a gap in my garden nicely, after I pulled the dead sweet peas out.  
 The spring annuals I had planted have fallen over in the wind or not survived the heat. I am plotting and planning for a big garden make over in 2017, which will include a bit more shelter from the wind for my more delicate favour flowers.  It wont be an instant result backyard blitz, but after two years of talking about it, it will be nice to just get started!
Happy quilting, 


  1. Love your rusty flower, and after a great spring, this heat is making it hard for the garden to stay nice. My sweet peas need to come out, but certainly not in this hot spell. MY hollyhocks are dark and some light pink. Keep up the good work.

  2. As we sit in a deep freeze with a foot or two of snow on the ground, and school canceled today due to the steady snowfall, I loved seeing the sunshine and beautiful flowers at your house! I especially love the deep, rich color of that potted lily!

  3. Enjoyed the tour of your garden. So lucky that the falling branch didn't do any greater harm.

  4. So lovely to see all the flowers!!

  5. Enjoy your "hot time in the summertime". I enjoyed seeing your lovely garden.


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