Red and White Dresden quilt - finished!

This quilt kickstarted in June 2015 at a camp in Bordertown with my Adelaide stitching friends.  Ingredients were a store homemade red "jelly roll" and a Moda Primitive Gatherings jelly roll for the neutrals.
This pattern came from a class I did with quilt teacher and friend Heather Ford (Adelaide).  You make lots and lots of pieced blades and then make the Dresdens. 
Then you dither for months about buying a fabric to use as the center circles.
Then spend an hour in Quilters Harvest (Warracknabeal) pulling out every bolt to find the perfect background fabric - thank you Dell!
And then slowly hand stitch them down to the background fabric.
Allow to mature in the cupboard, until taking top to Periwinkle Patchwork (Warrnambool), to find the perfect red for the border/binding - thank you Ann!  Mind you it matured a bit more before I got the border sewn on.
Then bundle off to Vicki Jenkin, long arm quilter extraordinaire, and allow her to work some quilting magic.  I wanted some thing fancy but edge to edge, so Vicki recommended these feathers.  I have never had feathers before and love them :)
Yeah my first finish for 2017!  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Wow! That's an amazing quilt. And quite a process, with all those different venues involved. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  2. Stunning! I've made a few Dresden Plate quilts in the last couple of years - and one was even striped - but now I think I need to make one of these 'checkerboard' versions. I'll bet you're SO happy with this!

  3. This quilt is gorgeous!! Congrats on a wonderful finish!

  4. What a beauty! Everything about it is wonderful--and the aging process just makes it all the more special. : )

  5. A few days ago I saw somewhere in your past blog posts some pictures of these blocks. I thought then they were beautiful, and to see the finished quilt is truly a pleasure. It is a beautiful quilt! (I may get brave enough to try one someday.) ---"Love"

  6. Great use of a jelly roll. Your dresdens are lovely, lots of work but a stunning result. Wonderful finish.

  7. Congratulations Sue, absolutely beautiful.

  8. What a gorgeous finish. All your dithering paid off! You have a beautiful quilt.

  9. Its just so beautiful... love it...

  10. Such a wonderful quilt. And you make it seem so fun that it is definitely on my temptation list.

  11. This is Beautiful (note the capital B) - congratulations on the gorgeous finish!

  12. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.


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