My UFO list 2017

One more UFO ready for busting! My Red and White Dresden is already in the queue at the LAQ.
 Not really a UFO, given I made the Barcelona single bed sized top in 2016.  Still it is basted and ready for quilting, so needs to happen it doesn't become a UFO!
My Circa 2016 is a bit more advanced then this photo, but still is a long way off being finished. So its on the to do list for this year.
Again this sweet quilt is not that old, but its just needs quilting.   I had been thinking about making it bigger (and into a lap quilt) but now I just want to finish it as is and enjoy it on my wall!
Some of my "use up the scrap strips" projects are close to being finished, this scrap string lone star just needs borders to make it child size.  
The log cabin in red and green I made last year, is  ready to quilt, once I find a backing.
 I am exhausted thinking about all this potential quilting.  
Oh, goody I have found the photos of the projects that still need piecing!
I had to go back to June 2015 to find a photo of the Midwinter Pinwheel Churn Dash quilt.  I made all the blocks and haven't touched it since!  So just need sashing fabric, and it get worked on NOW!
Finally the Woolly basket wall hanging, also needs sashing and potentially a border.
Perhaps I might do a recap in six months keep myself focused.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. some fabulous quilt tops there Sue - yes, must get them finished soon!

  2. I think I posted my works in progress a few years ago, and don't think much has happened since then! You could say my intentions
    are good, just too many other things get in the way.

  3. This lovely group of projects will keep you quite busy.

  4. You have some fabulous projects here! Love them all, but I want to specifically note a few. The Dresden is jaw-dropping! The Churn Dash is a favorite block of mine, so I am partial to both quilts using that block. Never saw a log cabin I didn't like, and the little wool baskets are awfully sweet. I saved those patterns, but haven't made them.

  5. Love seeing all these gorgeous projects that will be keeping you very busy. Can't wait to see how each one gets finished.

  6. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Я ежедневно вижу ваш блог, это хрустящий для изучения.
    Ваш блог очень полезен для меня, и мне так нравится ...
    Спасибо, что поделились хорошей информацией!


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