Lego man quilt - its a finish

I don't think I previously mentioned that the Lego Man Quilt was a request from a Defence force member serving overseas, through Aussie Hero Quilts?
SEW I needed to make a laundry bag also, and of course carried on the theme.
I just covered up his initials.  It was only after I washed this bag that I realised I accidently used the wrong shade of yellow on top of his head :(  Funnily enough that would be the same yellow I made to use in the last Aussie Hero quilt...which was in AFL footy club Hawthorn colours!
So here is "the man" all washed and ready to go in the post!
I dont normally pre wash quilts before I give them away.  But I was not going to trust that red fabric!  However it was the blue that ran the most, thank heavens for Colour Catchers I say!
What is it the Amish say about nobody being perfect?  I made another small mistake in my hurry to make my deadline...sewed the label on the back of the quilt sideways!  To be fair to me, I was sewing it on while in a meeting and had the quilt scrunched up on my lap (it was a big meeting).  I left it that way, figured it was more important to pre wash the quilt in the time I had left (especially while it was stinking hot and it would dry quickly) then to be unpicking something that was perfectly readable!
I am up to my armpits in pears and apples from our orchard - thankfully we only have one of each fruit tree.  The coddling moths have infested half of our crop and I am destroying the infected fruit, to ensure future crops are pest free.  
However the watermelon patch also keeps pumping out fruit and as summer draws to an end so have the BIG watermelons.  Well so I thought until I started to pull up the vine and found another large "mothership" hiding under all the vine! 
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Cute quilt. It even looks better with those shoes! It is winter here and I would love to eat that watermelon. Yum!

  2. You rocked it, Sue--right down to the bag!! Great job, and who cares if the label is sideways, right?
    Ah, fresh fruit from the garden--can't wait! : )

  3. Lego Man will be thoroughly enjoyed by someone special. What a delightful quilt for a hero. I loved seeing someone's shoes peeking out. Enjoy that monster melon and all of the rest of your delicious fresh fruit. Yum!

  4. What a great job you've done, even big boys love Lego, and I'm sure your quilt will be loved.


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