Where does time go?

Honestly I wonder where the days and weeks disappear to sometimes.  
It only seems like yesterday that I sat and sewed these Dresden plates with my Adelaide stitching friends at camp.  

 Then there was a great delay before I made the effort to shop for the background fabric and got them hand stitched down.
Another shopping trip was required to find the perfect red for the centres!  Finally they are all stitched on and I just have to stitch the blocks together....just in time to go sewing with my Adelaide friends again!
Do you think six projects will be enough to work on?!  I always over pack in my pre trip preparation and then on the morning of departure I cull down to a sensible size.  Well I try. This time I am not bothering to try, because four of these projects just need minimal work but maximum thinking/decision making to get the tops finished.   So I am hoping six heads are better then one, and therefore I might get several tops done! 
I like to be considered optimistic, but in reality I might be just unrealistic!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. What fun you're going to have. What till your Adelaide friends see your blocks now. They'll be very impressed as I am too.

  2. Oh, those blocks just sing! So very pretty, Sue!
    I look forward to seeing what you complete. : )

  3. Beautiful! Six heads definitely a plus! Yes, I also overpack and in my case under achieve

  4. Time does go too quickly doesn't it. Those dresdens look fabulous and the red centres are perfect. Enjoy your sewing trip.

  5. I would rather take too much than too little, as long as there is room. I figure at least that way, I will have choices when I get there! Your dresdens are gorgeous. Hope you enjoy your retreat.

  6. I've made a couple Dresden Plate quilts recently, but not like yours! I love this and might have to add it to my someday list. It's lovely!

  7. I always take about two months worth of sewing......just in case I get stranded or something like that! nothing worse than not having the project you want when you're on retreat. Have a great time. Those Dresden's are seriously gorgeous.


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