Bright baby quilt

Its not often I start making a quilt based on the backing fabric!
Still when you find cute fabric on sale (its summer here and this is flannel), 
that can spark an idea.  These fabrics were on sale it turned out, I wasn't initially aware of that!
However when I thought about it, this quilt pattern (of which I just made up) worked well because of the variety of prints.
So guess I am going back to the shops to get some more fabric!  Its all for a good cause of course!
Red...yep I definitely need more some red in my mix and perhaps another orange, ah dang it I need at least another five prints! ;) 
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. It's lovely... any escuse for more fabrics????

  2. Dont you just hate when you "have to" go and buy more fabric. Its a cross we bear lol

  3. I know you're going to have fun!

  4. I love HST quilts. A great idea for a baby quilt.
    Oh, no--have to go shopping for fabric? Bummer. : )

  5. Very dedicated to your art! Enjoy your trip to the shops!

  6. Who needs an excuse to purchase more fabric, just do it!

  7. Sewing and shopping, always fun.

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