Quilt Camp - Part 4

This kit came together in no time with a simple but sweet four patch design.
The hexagon pattern was so much fun.....
She made two of them - but not in one weekend! :)
This quilt top needed borders.
After which it needed pinning and quilting!
The quilting got started, but not finished...it is a very large quilt!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I really like the soft colored hexagon quilt. I have a half hex template somewhere--maybe even a mini one. You have given me an idea. : )
    Love that twisty, ribbony kind of quilt, too.

  2. I like the big hexies and the twisted ribbony one too. You need to give it a name!

  3. You girls were very busy with great results.

  4. Super cute especially the pastel hexies!

  5. You girls certainly achieved a lot, well done. HOpe to do the same myself real soon.

  6. Oh love the quilts.... . Your getting lots done on camp.. ..


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