Quilt Camp - Part 5

Phew, you finally made it to my work from  quilt camp!
I wanted to get this top sewn together, so started off sewing the backgrounds above the flowers and the sashings to join the columns. I was very lucky to get some neutral fabric donated to me, to enable a scrappy pieced background.
Alas once I was done we decided the quilt was plenty long enough but not wide enough!
Searching through the box I found plenty of left over blocks, but not necessarily in the colour I wanted.  So we fiddled and I made a few new blocks to make a sixth row.
I also wasted time making four patches for "dirt" at the bottom of the sprouts and then decided to not use them.  The Scrappy Sprouts quilt finished so much bigger then I expected (88x88") so I sent it off with my friendly long arm quilter.  It was also too big for a good floor photo!
I am really happy with this quilt and cannot wait to get it on my bed when winter arrives.
I couldn't come to a decision about sashing, none of the colours I had with me worked.  So I sewed all the Dresden blocks together and I am nowt contemplating what to do for a border instead.
These half square triangles needed an injection of red.  
But when I went shopping I came home with a red and orange
stripe and a blue and orange stripe instead.
I made triangles from the red/orange stripe and was happy with the extra colour.   Equally excited that I got all the blocks stitched together before I went home from camp!
Now just need to see if the blue/orange strip looks OK for a border : )
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Your Scrappy Sprouts quilt is SO much fun! That will be a great day-brightener in mid-winter.
    Love the Dresdens. They are so eye-catching. I think I keep saying that. : )
    I thought maybe you were going to use the blue/orange stripe for your border.
    How large are the triangles? HST quilts have a special place in my quilter's heart.

  2. I love your sprouts quilt, great work with fabric selections. Can't wait to see what happens with the Dresden's too.


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