Off shopping I will go, hi ho!

Newly purchased backing at the ready.  Opps but I have no matching fabric for a top!  
 Nope not this one...its for a tractor loving friend.
 So is this.
Definitely not this collection...destine to become a Lego quilt.
Ahhh, hmm, no plans for these two fat quarters, just liked em. 
 Oh yes this was the culprit that started it.  Nice flannel on sale...of course!
 And a new bag, that still had plenty of room for MORE new purchases!
Taking my new bag shopping today.  Need more fabric?  Of course I NEED new fabric!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I look forward to seeing your purchases! Gotta be better than house renos.

  2. What a wide variety of fabrics! You are ready for anything! : )

  3. we always need new fabric! happy shopping

  4. Agree new fabric never hurt anyone lol!

  5. Shopping is always such fun, whether you need them or not.


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