What a lucky quilter I am!

I have been a lucky quilter this Christmas/birthday season!
A lovely red trolley for my sewing (I did have to assemble it myself!) 
DH always buys me a quilting calendar.  He tells me they are getting harder to find, but I am glad he keeps searching : ) 
The MINI Quick Curve Ruler. Yep now I am going to be tackling mini curves...I guess Mum figured I needed a new challenge for 2016!  
This lovely book from Lisa is full of great projects, one spoke to me immediately... 
This is THE perfect project for my French General fabric.  
 Lisa also made me this lovely basket, which had some goodies in it.
Vicki treated me to her favorite fabrics, yum!
Yep I am a lucky quilter!
Happy quilting Sue


  1. Yes, you are a lucky, happy quilter. French General Fabrics are some of my favorite

  2. Wow - Lots of great stuff here! Did your little cart come red? Or did you paint it? I got a similar one from IKEA but it's a boring grey, LOL. I have the regular sized QCR and have played with it a little, might be fun to get the smaller size too. You received so many nice gifts - I can tell that the people who know you, know what you love also!

  3. So many wonderful new things to play with. It's a fun way to start a new year. Love your red trolley!

  4. Very lucky quilter, indeed. You are obviously well-loved.
    All of it looks delightful--love the red cart, and the calendar--just everything. And the Kim Diehl fabric really caught my eye. : )

  5. Oooh.....very nice. Love the trolley and your new book. It does look like a good project for you.

  6. oooh lovely Sue.... will keep you busy for a while


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