A new bag is born

A new bag is born.  Lisa and made one together, the pattern is free and called Sewing Date Traveller, designed by Cynthia Frenette and can be found HERE.
The interfacing we used was super stiff, great to hold the bag upright, but that made it tough when sewing together the outer and liner.  But you never know that until you make a pattern.  I was behind Lisa in the process, so when she suggested I make the pockets from normal pellon instead of the stiff interfacing I got the benefit of her experience.
However my internal centre pocket was made of the stiff stuff  so it would stand up and side pockets are pellon = floppy.  The real test was sewing the liner (with pockets attached to the outer bag.  It was tough on the machine.
And I thought it would be tough to hand stitch the binding down.  That's why it was pinned for a week and not touched!  The design is great, you can see in to find all your tools, just not an easy bag to make.
However it was worth it in the end and I am very pleased to have it finished and use it.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Looks like a great bag, with the divider, pockets and zipper. Wonderful for organizing!


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