A new quilt is born!

These sweet little blocks came alive in my sewing room.  I had spent a very long day making apricot jam, my first ever solo effort!  As a reward I needed to stitch something "easy". With all the lovely books I have received lately these ones spoke to me the most....after turning my bookshelf inside out and failing to find a pattern for a basket block I loved.
 What intrigues me about this block is how different it looks depending on which way you set it.  The pattern I found (by Carol Hopkins in Civil War Legacies - quilt pattern is called Hookers Hat Patch!)  is what I would call a anvil block and it sets them in a vertical zig zag - which I love, but don't think I have ever done before. 
Working from my reproduction stash I am using red, brown and gold fabrics as suggested by the author.  It is not a combination I have used before and suddenly I feel that my past use of colour has been very repetitive and safe.  So here's to interesting and new colour combinations in 2016 using new to me layouts.
Is that a sufficient excuse to be working on a quilt that is not on my wish list...when its only January?!  Some people wait til February to break their NYE resolutions!
A dive through my sewing bin uncovered enough selvedge to make a jigsaw.  I think there are enough clues here to track down some more of the lovely shirting I have been using.  The pattern calls for 28 x 3" blocks.  so I am nearly there.  Not sure I want to stop really, even though this size will make a stunning miniature.
Madness really.  Perhaps the heat has got to me?
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. No, it isn't madness! Those blocks are adorable. I love them, and I love the colors and the setting!
    I checked my stash, but I don't have any of that particular shirting, or I would have slipped it in an envelope for you.

  2. Cute start. Everyone desires a reward after making apricot jam!


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