A new bag, for a new hand piecing project!

Lisa came for a day of sewing.  I decided to make a bag I had pinned a few days ago, because I couldn't stop thinking about it!  
Its called the Ellie Travel Case and is a free tutorial by Heidi Staples on her blog, Fabric Mutt.   The pattern was well written and I basically made it in an afternoon, a long afternoon granted!
The only down side was the handles and I could have done something wrong.  But I decided to applique a scrap to cover up the wadding and it doesn't look too bad.
Its a nice small bag, perfect for some hand sewing - for those grab and run days where you suspect there will be down time aka stitching time!  I have unearthed a new hand applique project, so this is its new home and hopefully it won't get forgotten about now its in this super cute bag!
I have also been picking my cherry Roma tomatoes,  
 and helping Mum bottle my apricots.  She had the knowledge, I have the fruit and we both do the work.  She gets as many bottles as she wants and I take the rest!
I planted watermelons, because the kids wanted them.  They have shown zero interest in gardening since!  I went to turn this one over and it broke off the vine.  So I figured that was a sign it was ripe.  Nope!  I struggled to carry it into the house, I put the apple in the photo to give you an idea of how large it was.    
When I stuck the knife in it to cut it open, there was a big pop and it split down the middle - getting a fright when you have a large carving knife in your hand is not an experience I wish to repeat!
Very disappointed that it tasted ...hmm funny/tart/insufficiently sweet?  Either way the chooks got the lot and now I am wondering if it is worth watering the rest of the watermelons on the vine...all ten of them!  Happy to hear from experienced watermelon growers!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Great to have such a cute finish in an afternoon.......not a fan of doing handles myself. Can't help with the watermelon but the tomatoes and apricots look great.

  2. Good looking bag. I have never attempted handles like those.
    Wish I could help you with the watermelon. I have only grown the small varieties. But it seems so strange to think you are harvesting when here it is snowing and 28 degrees. : )

  3. I love the bag... and the fabrics you chose are lovely. I haven't grown them myself but I have heard they need to be left on the vine until it dries itself (the vine that is)..... but don't quote me.


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