Work in Progress, Churn dash wall hanging

So this wall hanging, was waiting on a border.  
Then when I found a piece of fabric that suited it...that was large enough, we (Lisa and I) decided that another border of flying geese was a good idea.
But then I ran out of raspberry toned prints. 
Why of why do I only buy small pieces of reproduction fabrics??!  
So we went on a road trip to buy more fabric!
Disclaimer: The brown leaf print is just because and the brown stripe is the background I need to finish the Dresden's. ; )
Happy quilting Sue


  1. Very nice....maybe it will grow quite big. I am guilty of not buying enough fabric too, except of the ones I don't need more of!

  2. I love a churn dash. It makes a nice medallion center.

  3. Tis gorgeous colours, can't wait to see the end result!

  4. I like how you're expanding the medallion. To me it adds more color and balance. How many borders are thinking about adding? It gets prettier with each round.


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