Colourful Tumblers

I started a kids tumbler quilt at camp in August.
I thought it would be a good way to use up some novelty fabric scraps.  And it turns out also some bright scraps.  Unfortunately the bright green border only stretched to two sides, but I kind of like it like this.
I was thinking of snuggle factor (and finances) when I decided to back it with flannel - which was cheaper the cotton!  Then I decided to use cotton wadding, when I usually use wool/poly.  It was so easy to quilt and to pin with the cotton wadding I think I am a convert.
So here it is finished with a pop of orange binding!
It was such a easy quilt to quilt, due to the lovely cotton wadding (sticks to your fabrics and did not shift as much as wool) and the tumblers were the perfect shape to stitch in the ditch, without needing to quilt the centres.
I have lots more novelty scraps to use up, so going to make another one, but perhaps with a more colour co-ordinated look, I will see what happens ; )
Happy quilting Sue


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