Spring has sprung some beautiful fabric

Spring has sprung in my garden.  
And some new beautiful fabric has sprung up in my sewing room.
  The dainty sweet purple and white alyssum flowers are very pretty.
These array of browns and purples are calling my name.  It's not a combination I have used before, but it suddenly makes total sense.
 Grape hyacinths are a favorite of mine, for that true blue colour.
 And now I have a whole lot more blue fabric to play with, so many I am not sure where to start!
I have always preferred pink to red flowers in the garden, but these long floral spikes on the Hakea shrubs are new to me and I am a happy convert.
 Red fabric on the other hand has always been a favorite of mine, and reproduction red is no exception.  There are plans afoot for these gorgeous beauties.
 I have no idea what this flower is, but I love its cheery orange/yellow petals against the different greens.
 And funnily enough I now have some pretty fabric that matches:)
 A true sign of spring is seeing the daffodils bloom.
 A true friend is someone who GIVES you her stash of reproduction fabrics.
What could I say, my reaction was a bit understated, I am claiming shock!  
Thank you Lisa, your generosity has made my fabric collection bulge at the seams, my creative energy flow and my heart sing!
I didn't quite roll around the floor amongst my new collection, but I have been lovingly petting it, rearranging it, playing with combinations and looking at new pattern ideas... a lot!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Lisa is an excellent friend! What a gorgeous collection of fabrics. I'm sure you will put them to good use.

  2. Your garden looks as good as the fabrics, you have been busy.

  3. What a wonderful addition to your collection. Color everywhere, in your sewing room and in your garden. As you watch the flowers bloom, I'm watching the leaves just beginning to change to the colors fall.

  4. lovely spring flowers and I do love your fabrics too...


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