Modern Curved Ruler Workshop

My friend and owner of Periwinkle Patchwork Ann, came up for a weekend to teach us how to use the modern curved ruler.  Now you have to appreciate that I always avoid curved piecing, so I made these pieces, with fifteen years experience as a quilter BUT with NO previous curved piecing experience.
On the Saturday we all made this table runner to practise the technique.  I don't think it went too badly, certainly the cutting was a bit trickier to get use to them the piecing.  And the bonus is no borders!  Well that's my take on modern pieces, I feel quite liberated not having to add borders!
On Sunday we were free to make other patterns with Ann's help, and many of the ladies had started quilt blocks using the ruler. I was sharing a ruler with Mum (my error didn't tell Ann to bring enough rulers) AND talking too much, so just stuck with making a second table runner.  I think it turned out well enough, but this "flower" pattern was a bit trickier.  
So when I browsed the patterns Ann had for sale, I chose this "Urban Abacus" by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  Ann had a sample made up with a gorgeous raspberry background and colorful fun prints, it was so pretty and a great way to showcase a range of fabrics, such as a layer cake.
 Ann is an awesome teacher and everyone said what a fun workshop it was!  And I conquered my fears of curves!


  1. Oh I so want to make this quilt.............

  2. The little flower runner is very pretty!

  3. Sounds like a fun workshop, and I love the pattern you chose.

  4. Looks like you've added another tool to your tool belt of skills. Great job!

  5. so lovely... I have trying the curved rulers on my wish list....

  6. Well done, I have had the ruler for a few years now and not used it.... but hope for things to change real soon!


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