Two finishes!

I finally got this Fishy cot panel quilt finished.  Well the binding had been stitched for a little while, but the hold up was washing - I had to wait for the house to be free of clothes airing, so there was room to dry it flat inside...which took awhile!  I dont normally wash quilts after I finish them, 
but this one needed to be, as a fellow quilter, got stabbed with a pin in the pinning process and a drop of blood ended up on the inner border.  
I waited until I had finished the quilting and binding, then  I gave it a rub with Sard soap in cold water on the affected spot and it came out no worries, phew!  Then I machine washed the whole quilt - on a gentle wool wash cycle, with a wool detergent.  Thats how I always wash my quilts and I put these washing instructions on my you including washing instructions when you give away a quilt?
Another Aussie Hero quilt, finished and in the post to a serving soldier.  I started this top last year when we lived in Adelaide.  Most of it was pieced with the other ladies I meet, who also made quilts for Aussie Hero quilts and lived near me.  It brings back fond memories.  I found it recently and realised it was 75% done, only had to make a couple of extra blocks - it had gone into a box because I needed a non directional Aussie theme print - the kangaroo paw flowers saved the day!  I like the way the different greens make it sparkle a bit, as the darker animal fabrics are a bit dull, still I like them.  And the Spotlight bargain platypus fabric made a great backing fabric, so I think I covered Australiana as a theme quite well!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Both quilts are super, fun and will warm somebody's heart. Yours included.

  2. The look great Sue, two down and how many more?


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