Mini spools of thread

A finish, yipee!
Thimble Blossom pattern Mini Spools - finished size 14.75" x 16.75"
Made using part of a Bonnie and Camille Miss Kate charm pack, random red fabric and white homespun.  Micro stippled by me, nearly causing blindness....I thought black thread on black background was tough, but this combination was just as bad.  But I love it sufficiently to consider making another one...there is still plenty of fabric in the stash!
And well, nearly a finish!  I have quilted the centre (SID) but the border needs something special and I am yet to decide what.  
What should I call this mini? I have no idea if this is a real quilt pattern....its just how the bonus triangles ended up arranged and pleasing to my eye.....but it deserves a name that is more exciting then bonus blue triangles!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Love your spools, your quilting is going great guns, sorry can't help you with a name, I have enough trouble naming the Mystery cases!

  2. Very sweet mini's. Your micro stippling is amazing. I'm not very good with names, what about mini blue boats or mini blue sails, it looks kind of nautical to me.


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