Do you call them Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yo's?

 I have started a new project! Its called Welcome Wagon from the book Simple Graces by Kim Diehl.  I have nearly (not quite) finished the hand work on the pears, so I started cutting out my next project. 

 I am having fun making the suffolk puffs...or do you call them yo yo's?  
The finished sizes look a bit big, but what the heck, as those are the sizes I have in the Clover Yo Yo maker. I have owned these Yo Yo makers for years and years....and never used them to now!!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. NIce to be finally using one of your tools Sue!! I love the fabrics you are using here - and Kim's designs too. I always call them yo-yos, have no idea if there is a difference or not!

  2. I've always called them Yo-Yos, but I have never made one in my life. : )
    This is a very cute block. Love Kim's patterns.

  3. I think I've made yo-you once. Love Kim's patterns and you've chosen some fun fabrics. Great idea with the pieced background.

  4. Looks great, and I think both names work. You amaze me with the stuff you achieve.


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