Tigers live in India

Do you remember the fabrics that my friend gifted me, which included a panel of animals - I made it into a top a few weeks ago.
So here it is all quilted with a stipple all over.  I could not decide on a name for it....I thought they were all African animals, but the kids tell me that tigers live in India not Africa!
Obviously watching all those David Attenborough documentaries, they have learned something!
When you make a big twister quilt you end up with approximately 4" square scraps from the centre blocks and triangular shapes from the border.  All on the bias.  
Waste not, want not...especially as I also had the two squares that were not quite 10" left over.  I popped them through the Go Cutter, using my 3.5" triangle die.  I started sewing half square triangles and stopped when I ran out! Very pleased to get two quilts out of this fat eighth bundle....oh and yardage of white homespun and pink polka dots for borders....and specially purchased pink flannel for the backing!
Oops better get back to using up the stash!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. You did a fabulous job with those animal fabrics! I think stippling was a perfect option for the quilting design. How serendipitous to have the perfect sized scraps for another quilt. By the sounds of it you have everything else for the quilt too. I love it when it all falls into place like that. No sewing for me this weekend (not happy Jan). We have State Election on and the school is a polling centre so we have a fete to raise money. I have been assigned to work on the BBQ. We also have a soccer trail on Sunday and I have a diorama making to supervise. Fun times!

  2. Great animal quilt. And I love the hst with white....very nice.

  3. lovely quilt ... .. I made one from similar fabrics ages ago... robert Kaufmann fabrics I think? I love the HST's... thats what I would have done with those pieces too...


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