March is Yellow

Yellow is the colour for March in the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.  I haven't had a very productive month of yellow and we only have a few more days left of March!
I only made nine leaves.  I must say that I like yellow but struggled to find a sufficient number of scraps so I had to resort to cutting up some stash - not that it is a bad thing!  
Lisa pointed out to me that she has been adding the bottom row of background squares to her leaves as she goes.  So I spent a lot of time leader and ending a row of background squares to previously made leaves.
I did use rather a lot of yellow in this project (AFL Hawthorn football quilt for DS 8 yr old)....but it was brought didn't make a dent in the stash at all :(  Please excuse the wonky photo DS 6 yr old was more interested in watching cartoons then happy snaps!
In my reproduction stash I had two chrome yellows.  The April 2015 Quilt Mania magazine featured a reproduction mini quilt pattern (Framed Nine-Patch Doll Quilt by Ann Hermes) based on the antique pillow/cushion cases the author seemed sensible to start a new project at the the effort to use more yellow!  
I am not sure if the instructions got lost in translation or I lost the plot (they include inches and centimeters in the pattern), but the measurements were a bit off and I struggled with this pattern.  Mum told me she didn't like my colour choice for the border...I thought brown was "safe" after following their colour choices of poison green, chrome yellow and hot pink...the border was suppose to be red!
We had in a mini beach holiday.  Warm enough to get sunburned during the day and cold enough to affect DH chest at night...nobody expect it to be 2C overnight on the coast!  Luckily my friend was able to loan us a heater to use in the caravan and we were toasty warm.
The kids are now on school holidays, so I am hoping to get lots of machine quilting done to finish off some of these quilt tops.
 Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. I thought I was going to struggle with the yellow but did actually manage to find enough for my blocks! There has been a fair bit of yellow in your month - I love the quiltmania mini - I'd be happy with the brown border, too! Happy quilting!

  2. You've been busy doing lots of stitching, but Glad you had time for a little beach holiday. It looks nice and warm, sorry it got a bit cold. I think Yellow is a tough color to work with. You did a great job.

  3. Wow that is cold for this time of the year! I thought the brown border was quite calming after the bolder blocks in the centre. I guess the footy quilt is your number one priority if you don't want any complaining. Are you enjoying your rainbow blocks? I get the feeling that making these blocks will help you get a scrap management system sorted for yourself.


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