Table runner love

I sent a sample of the too short binding to my old local quilt shop....of course she didn't have it anymore.  So I went to my new local quilt shop and brought some fabric!!  Mind you they were shocked that I would unpick all that binding...wanted me to make it scrappy!?  No way it was easier to do new and put the old binding in the 2.5" strip bin.
I am very happy with this table runner AND it used fabric out of my stash....well except for the binding! 
This is what I brought, green for binding, red below it (already cut) for binding my log cabin, yellow for another Hawthorn footy quilt and reproduction reds for wee basket wall hanging.
Here is the red binding machine stitched on the log cabin.  I don't like it :(
We spent ages picking out just the right red...but it wasn't a reproduction....and it has roses on it...shock horror - I don't like florals!  I really don't know what I was thinking buying it!! 

Here's something I do like... my very old UFO is now my finished hexagon reproduction table runner!
It just needed a little hand quilting...for the last couple of years....I know I don't usually hand quilt, but it deserved it...but also why it has been in the UFO bin for so long!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. beautiful work in all those projects... I hate unpicking but it is worth it to get the right look....

  2. You're making great progress! Love your top runner - shame about the binding on the log cabin - what a beauty that quilt is! - and also adore your hexagon runner! Did you use binding on the bias for it?

  3. Fabulous table runner finishes! So glad you ended up getting a binding fabric you were happy with. Now what are you going to do with the red binding you aren't happy with? The log cabin looks wonderful with the baptist fan quilting. Can't wait to see your reveal. Take lots of photos for me.

  4. Love all of your projects! Each one brought a smile to my face. ; )

  5. Your new binding looks great on your table runner. Are you going to remove the red binding on the log cabin? Yea, on the hexie table runner. It looks like you had an upper and downer kind of day.

  6. Both your runners are beautiful! :0)


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