Farmyard pinwheel cot quilt - done!

Here is the finished Farmyard pinwheel quilt.   Not the best shot for seeing the quilting, but I stitched in the ditch around all the blocks and border.  
Then I cut loose and free motion quilted spirals in the border and the centres of each pinwheel.  I cannot honestly say that this quilt turned out far better than I expected.  Adding the white sashing to the colourful busy prints was the best thing I ever did.
Those are my legs (weather has turned cool) I was short of a quilt hanger ....DH had been away for work....I had to step in and do it myself while Mr8 took the photo.  We picked up DH from the airport this weekend.  His two week work trip  turned into a 8 day hospital stay to be treated for pneumonia.  Thankfully he is feeling much better and making a full recovery.  
I have handed in my sewing machine for a will be missing in action for a week :(  I have two more bindings to hand sew down, hopefully that will keep me amused...and DH can enjoy the sounds of peace and quiet in the house!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Sometimes finished is better than perfect. I think it looks fine and will make some little person very happy. Good to hear that your hubby is home safe and sound and on the mend.

  2. your quilt is just lovely and I can see the spirals in the second picture... they look great .... sorry to hear DH has been so sick but glad he is on the mend.... don't go into withdrawals without your sewing machine!!


  3. The white sashing brightened the quilt up and let the fun fabrics be the star. Hope your DH continues to improve. That was a rotten kind of business trip, for sure. Good luck on the bindings.

  4. Your farmyard pinwheel quilt has turned out wonderfully. The white does a great job separating the blocks. I hope by the time you read this hubby is safely back home and resting with his family.

  5. also cut some of the strings 1.5 inches, carefully, to make nine patch corner stone blocks, if I decide to do that in the end...fence contractors bakersfield ca


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