Go the mighty Hawks

I hadn't made a Aussie Hero Quilt for a long time (busy buying, selling, moving house!) but now I am settled and the kids are back at school I decided it was time to get back to work!
When the request list came out, one chap nominated his preferred theme as the AFL (Australian Football League)  team, Hawthorn Hawks.
I have only made one laundry bag before and I struggled with it.  But this one was whipped up in no time.  In hindsight I wish I had used gold on top, but I will remember for next time.  

 I made the quilt top in an afternoon...not hard to sew big strips together!  The words were quick too.  But it was a bit boring!
 My patchwork group have purchased a Brother Scan and Cut.  It was put to work....not by me, but Barbara kindly operated it for me.  I must say it does impressive work but for a little machine it was very complicated to use.  I have since satin stitched the design down, so it will survive a trip or six through a commercial washing machine.  
Because I hadn't planned this quilt in advance to have a logo, it got appliqued on sideways like the words.  A bit of simple quilting and I was done!
.Mr 8 has put in a request for one.  DH's comment was "Wow"...that is the nicest thing he has ever said about any of my quilts!  Did I mention I live in a house with three Hawthorn supporters?  That is the real reason we had to move back to Victoria....Mr 6 was talking about changing alliances and supporting an Adelaide based footy team...DH was not having it!!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. What an awesome quilt for a real fan who is also a real hero.

  2. NOW that will be a winner! I love how you mixed up the quilting design. That scan and cut did a great job of the logo. Do you have a feeling you maybe making at least three more of these?

  3. Well done... its great to have impressed the men in the house.... great reason to move... haha....

  4. Your quilting really sets this off, well done.

  5. Your quilting really sets this off, well done.


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