Pretty pink cot quilt

When I was in Geelong a few weekends ago I brought some pretty fabrics...I need to make a baby girl cot quilt.
And because the shop had Emma Jansen's range of  fabrics, I brought a few more fat quarters - hopefully they match in with what I already have.
I then undid the pretty fat eighth bundle I bought - so I could cut each fat eight into 2 x ten" squares.  That was good in theory, except that one fabric which was a smidge too narrow.  Which meant my quilt had to be one row short, all because the shop owner RIPS instead of cuts the fabric :(  
Sorry I know I shouldn't use bad language, but the R word makes me mad.
Sewed on a white border and then brought out the Twister ruler.
On went the pink on pink spot fabric I bought at the same shop....yep it was ripped.  Clearly I was so enamoured with the contents of the store  I didn't hear her doing that!  It was a clandestine shopping trip - I was suppose to be JUST dropping off my sewing machine for a service ;)
New baby cot quilt top done!
I do think I have to confess to a new crush on white homespun with pretty and clear colours.  I will be buying more very soon : )
Happy quilting Sue


  1. annoying when the fabric is not the amount you expected..... yes, I love the white homespun look too.... very fresh.... your little quilt is lovely...

  2. I love the colors too. The twister pattern always makes fabrics swirl together in a cool way. Sorry you didn't get the correct amount of fabric. It's pretty annoying when that happens.

  3. That is a gorgeous baby girl quilt! That is my favourite look, white and pretty clear colours. Did you get your machine back? All OK? I probably should take mine in for a service but it is a wrench (ridiculous how bereft we feel without our sewing machines handy). I even have a back up but it is just not the same.


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