Remember this UFO?

Do you remember this top?  Well its not really a UFO, more a WIP.  However I have managed to make a backing for it, so its one step further towards being finished.  
I also made a backing for this...gasp and FINALLY finished stitching the last few bugs...honest it took all of 30 minutes, but has been in the cupboard FOREVER!  This is definitely a UFO!
This wall hanging needs quilting now, but its definitely a custom job.  I am going to get a quote for quilting and one for basting....and then decide!  I am very tempted to practise my new found love for FMQ on it.  But we will see....its isn't very big (less then SB size), so might be quicker to outsource...not to mention will get finished finally!
 This baby however is definitely going to the long arm quilter.  I have put off finishing it forever, because I wanted to put on a pieced border.  I wanted to make it larger.  But as the cream fabric was from my stash (along with all the blue's) and I had run out, it all got too hard.  There has been suitable time lapse for me to think, what the heck, doesn't matter if it is only DB size, at least it will be usable!  So the backing was purchased and it is all ready, with its two friends for delivery to the long arm quilter...when she comes back from holidays, so slight delay there, but that's OK, I am just happy to make some progress!
 Last but not least I made this table runner out of some orphan 9 patches I have had for a long long time.  Luckily I had something to match in my stash as this dirty plum colour is a bit tricky to match.  So I am planning to practise some FMQ this weekend, plus continuing machine applique.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Sue you have been so busy and lovely projects too... isn't it funny how sometimes the ones that don't need too much more to do get to wait in the cupboards so long..

  2. The Zoo quilt is ADORABLE!

    Your blue and white quilt has always been one of my favourites pretty! Cant wait to see what magic is done in the quilting of it.

    Looks like you’ve been madly productive !


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