Kids Quilts

Not quite sure what has driven this recent obsession with starting more kids and cot quilts, but I can assure you I am not pregnant/nesting! I have precut a large amount of squares out of my novelty stash.  When I want some "mindless" piecing I open the box and go for it.  
I love four patches, and even though the animals heads sometimes get cut off, 2.5" squares in the smaller prints looks effective.  I didn't have enough of the little squares to make a whole quilt, so I teamed them up with the 4.5" cut squares.  While I like this layout and it uses up some more stash, it is a very busy pattern.
So I thought I would make one in a split nine patch format with some colour to break up the pictures.  But I couldn't work out how to make "the pattern" AND keep the animals up the right way.  I am not sure that this layout is anymore soothing to the eye!
SO I found one novelty print (which I swear I did not buy - must be from Mum?) and teamed it with some left over pinks out of my stash.  There is not a lot of pink in my stash so I was pleased to have a "girl" quilt.
AND THEN I found my 2.5" strip and square box.  There were some orphan pink and white four patches in there.  That started a whole new sewing session of four patches.  Which then lead to this quilt top!  So while I now have four new WIP, I think will consider it a glass half full - because there is a whole lot less fabric sitting in my stash!  
Next step is to find them all borders and backings....from the stash!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Again you have made some fun quilts for some kiddos and by golly, used up some stash. I need to do more of that! Great job!

  2. fun quilts... I think little ones are fun becasue they are quick and use up some of those smaller pieces we have sitting in the cupboards...and maybe we still get a bit clucky sometimes?????

  3. once again you are being so productive, looks great, must be time for another sewing fix here, instead of this decluttering, which is taking up so much time

  4. You are so productive still looking for my mojo..


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