Red and white school house blocks

In January I made these red and white school house blocks and turned them into a cushion.
At a later date I made more blocks, but smaller and all the one tone. And got stuck.
Then I attempted to make them into a wall hanging.  Which I hated.

So more recently I have pulled them apart AND have been been considering....
a) another cushion for the four white on red blocks and
b) a wall hanging with the red on white blocks - with a blue star, or 
c) a wall hanging with the red on white blocks - and a red star.

The answer seems a bit more obvious to me now...I had been lacking contrast? Sometimes I need a bit of distance from a project o decide which way to go.  

Either way I think that once I stitched these blocks love affair with the school house block will be over and I am ready for a new beau.

Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. They are very cute blocks....I think the blue contrast really makes them something special. Adds a US flavour to the schoolhouses.

  2. I've always found the school house block a challenge. Yours look great. I like the contrast of the blue and red together. Maybe because I'm a Yank.

  3. I like the big pops of colour. It really lets the houses stand out.

  4. you have been persistent with those blocks.....

  5. I love your cushion. I like how you set your house blocks in a star. I haven't seen that before. I am in quarantine at the moment. I went and caught the flu and have soooo bloody sick. The doctor has given me the week off work. Luckily other people are making lots of lovely things for me to look at.


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