A new jelly roll = a new project

I had a big impulse moment last week that resulted in a new jelly roll - a farmyard themed one!  Not that I don't have a couple of lovely jelly rolls, waiting for inspiration in the cupboard already.  And more to the point, with all the cot quilts I have finished recently...I don't need more cot quilts!   So normally when I purchase on a whim it gets shoved in the cupboard.  But I actually found a pattern and started two blocks.
 I sat on them all week, as my paid job was extra busy (I am getting a new boss next week) and I worked extra hours.  I wasn't sure I liked the pattern.  But it is growing on me, even though it is super busy.  The blocks are 8", so I think with sashing in between, 12 blocks should be enough to make a decent sized quilt.
I like the way you get a snippet of a cow or tractor here and there.  The chicken wire print is the closest thing to a tone on tone, so it made for good pin wheel centres.  But my favorite is the cow hide print!  
Lastly but not least, I found some orphan blocks and decided I needed to do something with them.  I didn't intend on using this block as anything other then a practise piece.  It is a 13" square and just having the restrictions of different shapes, made it look like a good practise piece.  I am happy with the outcome.
I have had three classes in Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) over the decade and a half I have been a quilter.  However I rarely practised after taking a class, so quickly lost my confidence.  In reality I should call myself a Piecer, as that is my preferred technique.  But FMQ is definitely appealing to me more and more, so I am going to make a few more practise pieces.   I don't think big leaf vines on the border was the right combination to go such a small piece.  But I really like that pattern, and now I know its within my capabilities.  I am not so keen on the "pebbles" in the background of centre star, but they make it "pop" and that is what I was trying to achieve.  I might need glasses before I do any more fine work like that again!
 I am happy with the outcome and it will make a nice table centre, if I can find something to bind it with!  I am also keen to attempt a circular feather in the very centre, but need to do some homework on how to first.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.  


  1. that's a really fun jelly rolll and well done with the quilting... it all looks good....and I love how the star pops.... remember we are always far too critical about our own work!!

  2. Fun new jelly roll and pieced blocks. It will be the perfect cot quilt for some special little person. Glad you used your spare block for FMQ experimentation. I should do more of that too.

  3. I'd say that was a great impulse buy. What cute fabric! I think a sashing between the blocks will do the trick nicely. I saw this great demo about quilting feathers but for the life of me I can't remember where I saw it. I even thought I could do it. I hope you have not as busy week this week. We have been super busy too. I can't wait for this project we are working on to be over. In the meantime its bank holiday and I am GUNNA SEW!!!!!!!

  4. Love the farm blocks, they are great, and you are doing a great job with the quilting!!

  5. I gotta say Im loving that cow print too...it gives the blocks a touch of farm type whimsy!

    Your FM is fabulous! Those half Baptist fans are gorgeous.

    Hope things slow down at work once your new boss starts. We have a catch up to plan when your life isnt so crazy.


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