90% fit and 100% sewing

After a week under the weather, I was SO ready to sew this morning that I started about 7am!  I did get a bit of head start yesterday, when I managed to sew these four Christmas decorations together.  I brought these as individual kits from Hatched and Patched - it was a long time ago, so nice to finally finish them.  Goes to show having a clean up is a good idea, as you find half finished projects, that a quick to finish - which feels good when your sick and not achieved anything!
 I then tackled this Christmas stocking "Stitched Blessings" by Marg Low which I had completed the stitchery but it still needed sewing together.  Then I realised that I had not stitched all of the design and but had a light bulb moment, as I found some Christmas buttons when I put my sewing room back together after the painter finished.  The red check is what I lined and backed it with. 
 So while I am not 100% sure I love the red Christmas trees, I really like the stars and I have more of those, so can always swap them at a later date.  I have made heaps of these stockings previously, but all string pieced, so it will be nice to have some red work stitchery this Christmas.
 So having sorted a few minor UFOs I got down to the big guns and finished off what I had intended to do last Sunday, before I got sick.
 I pieced all the star blocks together - didn't take me long at all.  The best thing was I didn't have to worry about placement as the alternate blocks provide that buffer - so you don't get same fabrics bumping  up against each other.  After lunch I went and brought a pretty purple for the first border.  Still deciding on a fabric for the second border.  
So then I finished the borders on the Dinosaurs Galore quilt!  Yippee a completed flimsy!  Bit hard to see the top border, it is so big that it wont fit nicely on the clothes line and I am not quite tall enough to show it off properly!  I have made the binding and been to the shop to buy a bit of extra fabric to finish piecing the back.  The back is a bit of a jigsaw, so that might take me the rest of the day.    Sigh, tomorrow I have to do some real work e.g. groceries and housework!  After two weeks of the kids and then me being sick the house looks like a bomb hit it ... although my sewing room still looks smick!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Woww, if that's what you achieve when you are only 90% fit, what ever would you manage at 100%? I love all your projects, especially the little Christmas quilts.

  2. You have been busy! The star quilt looks fantastic and that dinosaur quilt....if my boys saw that I know what they would be asking for! It looks great!

  3. Oh wow.... you have been busy and such lovely projects... great range of things to do...

  4. You must feel good to have finished a few things. Love the santas, as you know I love anything Christmassy! Hope you are feeling much better now.

  5. Great Christmas finishes! The redwork looks lovely on the white. Such a timeless appeal. Your pink and purple quilt looks pretty. Love the fact you don't have stress about every point matching. The attic windows quilt is looking mighty fine. The blue border is perfect. I like big making big quilts but they are a pain to photograph.


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