Winters Garden

I love gardens.  I would love to go on one of those overseas tours of famous gardens one day.  I am a very ordinary gardener, certainly no green thumbs, plants that come to our house have to survive on neglect.
 Which is why succulents work so well under my care.  I just love the pink edge of these....hmm no idea what they are called!   I can tell you that some of the green "weeds" coming up underneath them is actually the herb oregano - which has been growing in the next pot.  I only discovered that after I had pulled half of it out and I could smell it - such a lovely aroma...but I nearly cried!
 This agave was purchased in the Sydney Botanical Gardens in about 2005 and survived lots of moving and neglect, before I planted it in this sunny spot.  It now has "babies" which I feel very proud of!
 There were a large number of Iris corms in the garden when we brought the house, but they did not flower as the leaf litter from the large deciduous tree nearby would cover the corms, preventing the sun hitting them.   I divided and moved them, they have multiplied to fill the space (and more) and now flower profusely, I have no idea where the nasturtiums came from!
 The last couple of years I have grown a hyacinth bulb in a bulb vase in my kitchen.  I then plant them out in a pot.  They flower again the next year, this one is just coming out.  I don't know what you call that small green creeper in the pot, but it grows in a few pots each year, dying out in the extreme Adelaide summer heat and comes back again in the winter months.  Anything plant that does that is welcome in my garden!
 This is a native creeper called Brachycome, I planted this myself when we did the backyard blitz 18 months ago.  This is one of my favourite garden plants, because it gives that cottage look to your garden, but it can survive the Adelaide summers.
This is not a great photo, you need a close up to appreciate the small flowers.  This is another native I planted called Mini Ha Ha, a dwarf hardenbergia. They are creepers really and I think I should have left more space between them as they have quickly grown and taken up all the area allocated to them and some more!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Lovely garden pictures.....

  2. Lovely walk around your garden.

  3. I would come on a garden tour with you. I visited a few gardens in the Blue Mountains a couple of years ago when they had their open gardens weekend. They were so pretty and so different from gardens in Sydney with their different plants. Even though you say you don't have a green thumb you are sure doing alright.


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