Birthday cakes and baskets

This cake was fairly easy to construct, but I did have a laugh when one of the party attendees said "look an abandoned well in the middle of the farm."  That wasn't the look I was trying to achieve!

I was playing on Sunday, trying to find a collection of items to display in my kitchen.  I abandoned this look 
for a display, as my fabric fruit and veggies have not had a home for a long time.
Then I realised that there was a bit of a theme going on in my house....
 of things I had made in the past ....
 and new projects about to begin!
The cherry baskets would have to be my favourite!
Baskets and  Paulette's blog go hand in hand and she referred me to Christine's Blog  for more baskets.
Christine kindly sent me the applique pattern she designed, which I am going to make into a table runner.  I decided as I have been failing to produce one season/month themed project as part of my wish list that I would at least attempt to make myself a table runner and some cushions - still little projects, just not theme dictated. 
I borrowed this picture from Christine's blog - isn't her applique perfect? I hope mine measures up!   I also love the shirting or print backgrounds AND the fact the baskets are on point, just right for a table runner.
Right, got to go and finish getting the sewing room ready for the electrician, then I can finish moving back in and hopefully get some sewing done!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. What an awesome cake... you've got to love a child's imagination - you should have told them to throw money in the wishing well!! love your decorations....

  2. Haha! Gotta love kids and what they come out with!!
    You're display looks great!! It's you:)

  3. That is a fantastic cake! I see you have baskets on the brain. Does that mean your basket project is up next?

  4. That cake is da bomb! Im stealing that picture if I may for a future cake idea because it's simply brilliant!


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