All in a weekends work

Last weekend I spent 24 hours at retreat with my fellow After Dark Quilters.  I had a lovely time and got a few small jobs done, then completed all the quilting on my Bugs in a Bottle cot quilt.  I did some simple meandering stipple around the border and in the ditch around the bottles. 
With the quilting finished I went home to have tea with my family, only to discover DH up a ladder Hoovering the ceiling (cathedral with exposed beams, perfect spider web haven) and evidence that he had been cleaning windows!!!  I was really sorry I came home early, he might have achieved more...leaving less for me...not that I EVER Hoover the ceiling!
As a special treat we enjoyed pancakes for breakfast, with banana and maple syrup...yum!  Oh and I got time Sunday to machine the binding on the Bugs in a bottle.  Now I just need to hand stitch the other side and add a label....a great weekend all around!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Your quilt is great, and those pancakes look delicious.

  2. I love your bug in jars quilt! Might need to organise a bug fabric swap!

  3. Another one bites the dust! Its a wonderful bugs in a bottle quilt.
    What a lovely day you must have had with your quilting friends. Those pancakes look delicious.

  4. Your bugs in the bottle quilt is very cute what a great idea. The pancakes look extra yummy. It's nice to have a productive weekend.

  5. Love the bugs! And I meant to comment on your last post to say how wonderful the celtic quilt looks! What a fantastic and selfless achievement. Well done Sue, and sounds like a very productive time with the After Dark group too.

  6. Love your bug quilt. I think they're such fun quilts for kids. I have one of my to do list but using lollies in the jars. I wont be getting to it any time soon!

    The pancakes looks so yummy I want to rush into the kitchen to make some. I have bananas...

    I think your husband sounds like a keeper. Any man who notices cobwebs is a pretty rare animal!

  7. love your bug quilt... could spend hours looking at all the bottles.... good for DH for hunting our real bugs... but now I want a real breakfast after seeing those pancakes...

  8. My Grandson would love this quilt as he is always bringing bugs home in his pockets. Maybe I willhave to make one. Now I am off to make some pancakes after seeing yours.

  9. The bugs in a jar quilt is brilliant, I will have to keep this in mind for one of my Grand sons when they get a little bit older.


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