Opps missed one!

This is one of the quilts donated by Quilts from the Heart two weeks ago, 
and I missed uploading its picture on my other blog - see HERE!  The pieced top was donated by Alan.  Alan is in his 80's and loosing his sight, but pieces beautifully.  This is one of his preferred patterns, 16 patch and a pin-wheel, isn't it effective in scrap? Alan always uses lots of yellow and we felt two bright borders would fit right in, which they have.  Another beautiful and warm quilt that I hope brings someone some comfort.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Such a lovely quilt.... I love the yellow in it... so restful....well done Alan.. I hope I can piece like that in my 80's... such an inspiration

  2. He does a fabulous job. The colours are perfectly sunshiney and happy. Its a great scrap pattern. I hope I am still quilting when I am in my 80s.


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